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Adaptive AF Awesome Footwear!

Tired of spending time searching for the right footwear to meet your needs?

We understand that people have various requirements when it comes to finding great footwear, whether it be to fit orthotics or to be a little bit more user friendly to those that may need assistance with motor skills.

Perhaps you just want your kid to be able to put their shoes on a bit easier to save some time.

Here at Adaptive AF Footwear we understand your frustrations. Based in New Zealand and as parents of a child with special needs we too know the hours spent online or in shoe shops trying to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that will fit his AFOs (Ankle-Foot Orthotics). Let alone finding something that actually looks cool!

Finally we have come across some brands that may cater for some of those needs. We will be adding to our collection of brands once we have reviewed them so you don't have to!

First up - Billy Footwear!



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